Liquid Marseille Soap

Made with vegetable oils following Marseille soap tradition. Gentle and cleansing, this is a perfect soap for the entire family. 

Soothing Sweet Almond: This feminine scent blends Sweet Almond with notes of jasmine and vanilla. Using Sweet Almonds grown on a family run farm in Provence, this soap helps skin regain suppleness with every wash thanks to naturally occurring vitamins A and E found in almonds. This formula is ideal for sensitive skin by virtue of its soothing and restorative properties.

Regenerating Honey: The creamy perfume of Honey intertwines with almond, sandalwood and hints of jasmine in this dreamy scent. Honey's abundance of essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids offers moisturizing, regenerating and purifying properties. Propolis and sweet almond oil provide additional healing and soothing attributes. 

Size: 16.9oz

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