Polished Brass Hanging Flower Pot

The iconic shape of a classic terracotta pot is reimagined in polished brass using a traditional metal spinning method that has been used by Skultuna for centuries. The vegetable tanned hanging straps allow you to add greenery to any location. Sure to make any plant shine. Hanging jardiniere style planter with no drainage hole.


Dimensions: 14cm H x 19cm W

Care: Brass is a living material and will oxidize naturally over time. Oxidization protects the metal and extends the material's lifespan and should not be removed on the inside of vases and pots. For polishing brass, a gentle, non-abrasive metal polish, such a Glanol, applied with a dry cloth is recommended. Water-soluble polishes are not suggested for brass as the water content can cause staining unless dried very carefully.

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