Small Polished Brass Nattlight Candlestick

Elegant polished brass candlestick. The Nattlight collection, meaning night light in Swedish, was designed by Dutch designer, Richard Hutten, in 2011. Looks great in classic pairs, and also nests well with other sizes of the Nattlight candlestick for more organic styling.


Dimensions: 28cm H x 20cm W (base)

Care: Brass is a living material and will oxidize naturally over time. Oxidization protects the metal and extends the material's lifespan and should not be removed on the inside of vases and pots. For polishing brass, a gentle, non-abrasive metal polish, such a Glanol, applied with a dry cloth is recommended. Water-soluble polishes are not suggested for brass as the water content can cause staining unless dried very carefully.

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